Setting a Budget

Why It's Important to Reevaluate Your Budget Every Year

It's hard to believe that 2020 has already arrived. Luckily, with every new year comes the opportunity to improve, and there's no better place to focus your efforts than on finances. By setting a budget for the new year and planning fresh financial goals, you can ensure your success. Let's talk about what your new budget entails, and exactly how you can plan out your year to meet all of those exciting 2020 goals.

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Homeowners Insurance 101

Homeowners Insurance 101: What You Need to Know

There are many expenses involved with owning a home. Arguably one of the most important, however, is the cost of a solid homeowners insurance policy.  As with most insurance coverage, a homeowners policy will protect you and your family from a variety of catastrophes that could befall your home. But is this type of coverage really necessary, and what should you keep in mind when shopping for a policy?

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Financial Tips for Women

Financial Tips for Women: What You Need to Know

Women have come a long way in the last few decades, especially in terms of financial independence. There is still opportunity for progress, especially if women want to improve their financial situation and ensure a secure future.

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Merging Finances

Merging Finances When You Move in With Someone

You share the covers, the household chores, and even the television remote with your significant other. But what about the etiquette on sharing finances?  Regardless of whether you and your significant other just got married or simply moved in together, it can be difficult to decide what to do with your money… and how to best merge finances. Before you think about adding one another onto the checking accounts, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Prep Your Home for Winter

How to Prep Your Home for Winter (and Save Money)

Whether owning or renting a home, there is one thing we all have in common: wanting to save money on our monthly expenses. Considering that winter is one of the most expensive seasons, it makes sense to try to reduce those seasonal expenses as best we can.

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Claim Your Home on Zillow

Here’s Why You Should Claim Your Home On Zillow

Homeowners looking to sell their home shouldn’t ignore popular real estate websites like Zillow. Claiming your home on these sites has become simply part of the process.

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